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For Summer 2021, we’ve got more going on that ever before – we have teamed up with local businesses to offer bookable extras to make your stay with us the best yet…

Every Saturday from End of May - August

The Outdoors Project

Every Saturday from the end of May – August, the award winning ‘The Outdoors Project’ will be on the farm again with their Saturday Club and will be taking over 6’s off to explore, learn and have fun in outdoor adventures.

The Outdoors Project is an award winning outdoors adventure club for kids and we are so lucky that their base camp is right here on the farm. Every Saturday throughout the camping season they will take your over 6’s off to explore, learn and take part in outdoor adventures.

Their base camp is part field, part woodland. They have a permanent outdoor classroom with a fire pit, parachute shelter and plenty of space for exploring and learning about what nature has to offer. Past sessions have included shelter building, fire lighting, outdoor games, bug hunting, animal tracks and survival skills.

Please note that this is for children over the age of 6 only and for campers only.

Dates & Times: Every Saturday from 29th May until 28th August from 10:00 – 11:30

Meeting Point: Base Camp, Tawny Owl Field

Cost: £7.50

Yoga on the Farm

Adults Only Yoga

Join the wonderful Caz for a calming, adults only, 45 minutes yoga flow class on our beautifully tranquil farm.

Surrounded by trees, we’ll focus on the connection between our movement and breath all whilst enjoying our practice out in the fresh air.

Suitable for all levels. Please bring your own mat.

Dates & Times: Every Sunday from 29th May until 29th August 09:45 – 10:30 & every Tuesday evening throughout the summer holidays 19:00 -19:45

Meeting Point: The Nest Box

Cost: £12 per adult

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Family Yoga

Once again this year we are holding a family yoga class, outside on our beautiful farm, designed for parent and child in pairs.

Our wonderful instructor Caz will use yoga-based exercises, mindfulness and breathing techniques to promote a healthy bonding experience between you and your child. She will focus on playfulness; having fun, laughing together and learning how to communicate more effectively.

Dates & Times: Saturday Mornings -10:35 – 11:20

Meeting Point: The Nest Box

Cost: £7 per adult, £5 per child

Take a Walk in the Wild Woods

Forage Brighton

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Forage On The Farm

Do you want to learn about foraging? Learn how to begin identifying edible plants to use in your kitchen at home (and poisonous ones to avoid), increase your connection to your local landscape, and add more variety and nutrition to your diet? If so then join local forager and wild food cook Mike Cutting on this guided walk around our organic farm to discover some of the many wild and medicinal plants and trees that live here. On this 2+ hour walk you will examine many species of wild plants, and get ideas on how to safely identify and sustainably use them in your kitchen at home, based on Mike’s extensive experience in the field and the kitchen . Following the foraging walk you will have a chance to try a variety of wild-inspired treats prepared by Mike in advance such as wild herb pestos, fresh bread, wild fermented preserves and pickles, and wild herb frittata made with fresh organic eggs from the farm, washed down with a wild herbal tea.

Dates: Saturday 5th June, Saturday 19th June, Saturday 3rd July, Saturday 10th July 12:30pm – 3:30pm

Time: 12:30pm – 3:30pm

Meeting Point: The Nest Box

Cost: £45 per adult, £35 per child

Local, Sustainable, Seasonal Floristry

Forage & Bloom

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Jam Jar Posies

Join kate in the tranquil cutting garden for a fun and creative experience making a beautiful jam jar posy that you get to keep and take home with you!

Dates & Times: Saturday 26th June (1:30pm – 2:15pm), Tuesday 27th July (10am – 10:45am), Tuesday 3rd August (10am – 10:45am)

Meeting Point: The Nest Box

Cost: £10 per adult, £7 per child

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Hand Tied Workshop

Join kate in the tranquility of the cutting garden learning all the skills and techniques you need to prefect a hand tied bunch.

Dates & Times: Saturday 17th July (12pm – 2pm) , Tuesday 10th August (10am – 12pm) and Sunday 29th August (9:30am – 11:30am)

Meeting Point: The Nest Box

Cost: £25 per adult, £15 per child

Beautiful birds that will take your breath away

Birds of Prey

Join outdoor enthusiast and bird of prey trainer Tiger Cox on a journey around the beautiful Macs farm on the hunt for Birds of prey! Start your experience at our converted shed ‘The Nest Box’ where you will meet Tiger to talk about all things bird of prey whilst you enjoy some refreshments. After this, we will be heading out around the Macs  farm to see what we can spot!  The Macs farm is lucky enough to be home to many kinds of native birds of prey including Buzzards, kestrels, Sparrow hawks, Barn, Tawny and little owls along with so much more local wildlife! To end this unique experience we will be heading back to the barn to get up close and personal with Tigers Lanner Falcon, Saffire! This is your chance to ask questions and get a picture with this amazing creature before heading outside to see her in action as she sores above the farm!

Dates: Saturday 24th July, Saturday 31st July, Saturday 14th August, Saturday 28th August

Time: 12pm – 2pm

Meeting Place: Nest Box

Cost: £15 per person

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Feeding the life that feeds us

Old Tree Market Garden

Untitled design-14
Crochet Club

Come and learn this wonderful, traditional craft that can be used to make almost anything. The scope of what you can make is as big as your imagination. Everyone is welcome, beginners and experts alike. Appropriate for all genders and ages! Crochet is timeless! Hooks and yarn will be included for the workshop for everyone to use, with options to buy extra materials to take home if you want to continue the fun!

Dates: Friday 4th June, Saturday 3rd July, Tuesday 3rd August

Time: 4pm – 5pm

Meeting Place: The Nest Box

Cost: £12 per adult, £10 per child

Hedgerow and Herb Cordial Workshop

Learn the basics of infusing and creating your very own cordials! Join us for a walk around the beautiful Market garden and Macs farm to explore the seasonal bounties our countryside has to offer. Each group can forage and choose their favourite flavours from what’s available seasonally. After this we will split in to groups to create amazing tasty cordials! This experince will give you the knowledge and confidence to start making cordials at home. (All equipment included)

Dates: Saturday 7th August

Time: 12pm – 2pm

Meeting Place: The Nest Box

Cost: £25 per adult, £10 per child

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All About Your Gut

Join Emily, local nutritionist and herbalist for a crash course in gut health and wellbeing! We’ll explore the wonders of our guts and why it’s important to look after it. We’ll learn the basics of how our guts work, the gut-brain axis, fermentation, probiotic and prebiotic foods, the benefits of sprouting and soaking, and our microbiomes. We’ll learn how and why food grown in good soil is essential for a good gut and good health and you will take home ideas they can implement easily into their diets.

Dates: Saturday 26th June

Time: 12pm – 1pm

Meeting Place: The Nest Box

Cost: £10 per adult, £8 per child

Living World Under Our Feet

Every wondered what’s beneath your feet? Well, this is your chance to get up close to some of the fascinating life forms that make up the wonderful world we call soil!! Join Freya in the market garden to learn all about the incredible complex world we walk on top of every day!
This experience is appropriate for all ages so everyone is welcome! We will play games and get to see some soil microorganisms up close with our microscope and projector.

Dates: Saturday 31st July

Time: 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Meeting Place: The Nest Box

Cost: £8 per adult, £8 per child

Drawing Botanicals

Hosted by Emily, a local artist, nutritionist and herbalist! We will be starting our experience with a guided meditation surrounded by organic florna and flora. After this we will then be focusing on the food growing around on the market garden through drawing whilst sharing knowledge, tips and techniques in a relaxed environment. This experience will help anyone reap the therapeutic benefits of mindful creativity. Basic materials will be included.

Dates: Saturday 28th August

Time: 3pm – 4pm

Meeting Place: The Nest Box

Cost: £10 per adult, £8 per child

Join us for a Mini Beast Adventure

Deano's Snake Shack

Build A Bug Hotel
Join Deano from Deano’s Snake shack to build your very own Bug hotel! Bug hotels are so important to make sure the very special mini-beasts that surround us have a safe place to live over the winter. Design your very own bug hotel, make sure you make it as colourful as possible to attract those pollinators! Once your bug hotel is finished you can take it home and hang it in your garden!
All materials included!

Dates: Saturday 22nd May, Saturday 26th June, Saturday 3rd July, Saturday 10th July, Saturday 24th July, Saturday 14th August

Meeting Point: The Nest Box

Cost: £10 per child. Minimum age 4 years. This is a drop off session where parents/guardians are not required to stay.

1.5 hours

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pond dipping 2
Pond Dipping
Join Deano from Deano’s Snake Shack as we dive into the depths of life in the pond! Sweep your nets through the water and use the examination tray to identify what creatures we have found!
Each child will receive a Net, Identification tray, tick sheet and a Local wildlife warrior Certificate!

Dates: Saturday 19th June & Saturday 31st July

Meeting Point: The Nest Box

Cost: £10 per child. Minimum age 4 years. This is a drop off session where parents/guardians are not required to stay.

1.5 hours

Local Wildlife Walk
Join Deano on the hunt for local wildlife around the Beautiful Macs Farm. On our walk we will be visiting lots of habitats and looking at the local wildlife that calls the farm its home! Grab a catch net and explore the long grass, Stop off at the pond and dip for pond life and take part in The Big Butterfly Count 2021! Each child will receive a catch net, bug box and nature tick sheet for the experience.

Dates: Tuesday 3rd August & Sunday 29th August

Meeting Point: The Nest Box

Cost: £25 per child. Minimum age 5 years. This is a drop off session where parents/guardians are not required to stay.

2 hours