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Outdoors Project Saturday Club

Saturday's from June-September

Getting Kids Outdoors

I think we can all agree that being outside can do wonderful things to our kids and quite frankly they don’t get enough of it these days- which is where these guys come in!

Every Saturday from June-September, the award winning ‘The Outdoors Project’ will be on site with their Saturday Club and will be taking over 6’s off to explore, learn and have fun in outdoor adventures.

They will be running 2 fun-filled sessions, Nerfageddon and Bushcraft!


Nerf is similar to paintball but played with soft foam darts! Grab your blasters, pick your squad and work together to capture, evade and win the Nerf battle challenges. The ODP have a variety of Nerf Guns to choose from so no need too bring you own!


Learning ancient skills in a wild setting.  Activities will include a selection of:   traditional Fire Lighting, foraging, tracking, shelter building, whittling and survival skills.